Who Else Wants to Know Exactly What to Eat to Build Muscle and Burn Fat...

Who Else Wants to Know Exactly What to Eat to Build Muscle and Burn Fat... Without Starving Yourself or Suffering Through an Overly Restrictive “Diet”?

If you want to lose weight or build muscle each and every week... and enjoy every meal, every day...then I invite you to read this page.

Michael Morelli

Best Selling Author & Creator of HIIT MAX™ & Primal Body...


I feel blessed that more than one million people to date have believed and benefitted from my teachings. I make it my mission to document these compelling, life-changing success stories. People that have lost 20.. 40.. 60.. even 100+ pounds and taken back control of their lives. People who are in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and are now in the best shape of their lives.

What if just about everything you’ve been told about dieting is wrong?

What if nutrition wasn’t a foreign language; and you could enjoy your food without counting calories or ’macros’ yourself?

What if all natural, fat burning ‘supplements’ were more dangerous than their chemical counterparts?

What if cheat meals were actually a way to keep on you track?

What if you didn’t have to eat at a set time and could instead eat whenever you like?

What if eating low carb wasn’t helping you lose weight, but taping more fat cells to your hips, butt and thighs?

What if you could feel full all the time and still shed unwanted fat, pound after pound?

What if I told you that finding the right diet - and sticking to it - is much simpler and more enjoyable than you could imagine?

Imagine enjoying delicious, filling meals every day... never feeling your stomach grumble... enjoying higher energy levels and revitalizing workouts... and watching your body melt away pound after pound of fat, week after week.

And imagine finally knowing how the food you eat really affects your body... protecting yourself against the BS, tricks, scams and gimmicks pushed by “gurus”, magazines and the body-image-negative media.

Well, I have good news. All these “dreams” can become your reality... as long as you know how to do 3 “little” things correctly. Three things I reveal on this very page!

You see, when you know how to diet properly - and this doesn’t mean only eating grilled chicken breasts or raw broccoli - losing weight becomes simple... convenient... even enjoyable.

Don’t believe me? Let me show you my proof...

Are You Making These 3 Common Diet Mistakes?

If you are struggling to lose weight, then chances are you’re struggling with one or more of the following mistakes...

Mistake #1


According to some “experts,” losing weight and staying lean isn’t about controlling the number of calories you eat, but controlling the types of foods you eat. They say certain foods “clog” your system, creating hormone imbalances that lead to weight gain. Others “clear” the system and therefore help you lose weight. This sounds like music to millions of people who have tried and failed at one of the weight loss regimens that involve counting calories. It also rings true to people who just don’t want to worry about planning or tracking the foods they eat.

“Hating on” calorie counting and telling people they can eat more than ever and still lose weight sells books and pills... but is it scientifically accurate? No. It’s not.

Most people that tell me “calories counting” doesn’t work don’t know what a calorie is in the first place. All they know is that counting them didn’t help them burn fat or lose weight.

As you may know, calories are nothing more than measurements of stored energy.

The “calorie counts” of various foods simply tell you how many units of energy your body can squeeze out of that food, once you digest it. For instance, a tablespoon of butter has about 100 calories’ worth of energy, whereas a tablespoon of whey isolate has about 30 calories’ worth of energy.

Do you know what your body does with these calories?

Most people either don’t know... or... they think their body “stores them as fat.” Which is completely OK! Because “it stores them as fat” is kind of correct.

Although there is slightly more to it than that... You see, your body requires a certain amount of energy to stay alive. Every cell in your body needs a certain amount of fuel in order to do it’s job. (This is called your BMR.)

If we feed our body more energy than it burns, we gain weight in the form of body fat. This is known as creating a “calorie surplus.” The larger the surplus, the more fat we gain and the quicker we gain it.

On the other hand, if we regularly feed our body less energy than it burns, we lose fat. This is known as creating a “calorie deficit.” It’s the key to weight loss. The larger the deficit, the more weight we lose and the faster we lose it. Unfortunately, if you eat too little, your body will cannibalize muscle cells... skin cells... and even your organs in order to make energy! That’s dangerous!

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you count calories or even where those calories come from. This is why Science Teacher John Cisna was able to lose 56 pounds on a diet of McRibs, Big Macs and other McDonald’s foods: If you know how to keep your body in a moderate negative energy balance... and you keep your body in that negative energy balance over time... you will lose body fat. Period.

Weight loss is simply a numbers game. Eat too much and you’ll put on body fat. Eat too little and your body panics; holding onto it’s fat stores, tightly.

How can you tell the “correct” number of calories? This isn’t as simple as it sounds because many internet calculations are not only wrong, they’re unhealthy.

Mistake #2


We love to “eat clean,” these days... in fact, it’s become kind of a cult. Whatever the name of the latest fad, “clean eating” has strict do’s and don’ts. And anyone who “breaks the rules” is kicked out or shamed.

While I’m all for eating nutritious foods, eating “clean” can’t guarantee you lose weight. Or that the weight you lose is fat!

You can be the cleanest eater in the world and still be overweight.

Why? Because “clean” calories count just as much as “dirty” calories when it comes to gaining or losing fat.

You see, foods don’t have any special properties which make them better or worse for weight loss. What they do have, however, are varying numbers of calories. The only thing that makes one food “cleaner” than another is how those calories break down into protein, carbohydrate, and fat.

And the “best” foods for losing weight include just about everything you could want to eat...

The truth is if you know how to balance the nutrients in the foods you eat, you can eat your favorite foods every day and still lose weight, safely and healthily.

Mistake #3


You’ve probably heard that “a calorie is a calorie,” and while there’s truth in this statement, it can lead us astray in our quest to build a great body.

You see, when we’re just talking about losing weight, it doesn’t matter where these calories come from. So in this way, a calorie is a calorie.

When we’re talking about losing only body fat ... or losing body fat while also building lean muscle... we have to not only maintain an energy deficit...we also have to eat the right macronutrients. (Macronutrients are simply protein, carbohydrates and fats.)

Your body reacts profoundly to different combinations of these core macronutrients.

For example, protein is vital for preserving lean muscle mass... it’s particularly effective for reducing belly fat... and it helps you feel full, faster. (So you avoid hunger pains and cravings.)

And despite what you’ve heard, “carbs” aren’t the enemy! In fact, carbohydrates help you perform better in your workouts... they help you keep the lean muscle you’ve worked so hard to obtain... they help your thyroid work better... and they even improve your mood. (That’s why low carb dieting makes you feel cranky or robs you of energy.)

How Would You Like A Custom Meal Plan Created Just For You... Tailored To the Foods You Love, and Designed To Support Your Lifestyle...

If you want the easiest way to diet, I have good news: There’s a way to get a meal plan built specifically for you and your body. What’s more, you can guarantee this meal plan will help you lose weight. In fact... if you’ve ever wanted to eat better, lose weight and even save money while losing weight... there’s no better, faster or easier way than having your own, custom meal plan.

The most important part is the word “custom.” Because when I say “custom” meal plan... I mean it:

Nothing makes me more frustrated than paying for a meal plan designed by a “guru” and getting the same stuff everyone else recommends - chicken... brown rice... oatmeal... eggs... every single day. (Yes, this is the type of “custom” meal plan I’ve received from “gurus” who you know and trust.)

Instead, a custom meal plan should take into account the foods you like... the foods you hate... your schedule... your workout times and length... and a variety of different factors that make you, you.

That’s why we do our custom meal plans differently.

We build every meal plan from scratch. So we can work with any and all budgetary and dietary needs: Vegan... vegetarian... Paleo... food allergies... food availabilities and allergies... and any other food preferences or restrictions. You name it.

However you like to eat is how we build your meal plan.

Here are some examples of plans we’ve made for people just like you:

What should you take away from reading these plans? Simply see how different they are. That’s because they’ve each been customized!

This customization guarantees you’ll love your new diet, in a way “copy and paste” recommendations fall short. You’ll look forward to every meal, every day, which makes it easier to stick to your diet. After all, your diet will be full of foods you love!

We don’t just hand you a plan and set you on your way, either. We’re always available to talk via email and we guarantee you actually get results.

Here’s How the Process Works...

Step 1

You complete your order and fill out the questionnaire to give us your goals. Tell us your likes, dislikes, and aspects of your lifestyles.

Step 2

We create your meal plans based on your goals and get it back to you in 72 business hours.

Step 3

Your meal plan arrives via email and you get 4 weeks of meals and additional resources to be successful.

Step 4

Now, you start your meal plan! You can always reach our Custom Meal Plans customer service department by email with.


When you order your custom meal plan, you also get access to several helpful guides.

Macro List

The Macro List is a complete food list with all of the top foods that you are likely to find on the meal plan and their portions and nutritional profile. This helps when you want to incorporate or try new foods as you follow along on the meal plan. It also helps you understand why your custom meal plan is so nutritious and helpful.

Grocery Guide

The Grocery Guide is a guide that helps you navigate the grocery store. It actually helps you save money while eating the foods you love! (If you’ve ever tried to buy strictly “clean” foods... you know how expensive they can get! We help you navigate to the most nutritious options while saving you money.)

Supplemental Guide

The Meal Plan Supplemental Guide is a guide to help you with any other questions you might have on the meal plan. It’s your guide to changing up the recipes, shopping on a budget, meal prepping, and all of the most common questions we are asked

Recipe Guide

The recipe guide shows you how to make some of the most delicious, nutritious meals we've ever discovered. If you've ever felt lost in the kitchen or like great food takes forever to prep, this guide will show you how to cook delicious, nutritious food, quickly. (And with only a few ingredients.)

How To Video

This How To video walks you through your Custom Meal plan and how to use it. Our Custom Meal Plans come in a proprietary layout which contains all the information you need to succeed on your meal plan. On first glance, it can be intimidating. However, once you watch this "How To" video, you'll see how easy it is to follow your Custom Meal Plan with confidence.

So what is your goal? How much fat would you like to lose?


A 100% Custom Meal Plan, Made from What You Gave us!
A Macro, Grocery, Supplemental Guide +Bonus Lean Recipes ($49 value)
How To Video (a $49 value)

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed!

When you get your Custom Meal Plan, here's what I want you to do: IMMEDIATELY flip to your first meal and add the ingredients to your shopping list.

Get in the car, go to the store and purchase those ingredients. Nothing else.

You'll see the price at the register is lower than usual - this is proof you're already saving money.

When you get home, throw this meal together and marvel at the way it tastes. Enjoy feeling like you're getting thinner, stronger and more fit with every bite you eat.

Continue trying meal after meal for the duration of our Custom Meal Plan.

You MUST lose weight. You MUST feel incredible. You MUST notice a healthy change to your skin, hair and even the brightness of your eyes.

If - for any reason - your Custom Meal Plan does not fulfill every promise I've made above, simply contact me by email. I will personally work with you to perfect your Custom Meal Plan or give you a prompt and courteous refund. Whichever your heart desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my Meal Plan?

Our Meal Plans are designed to give you three options of meals every single day! This gives your more flexibility day to day, and gives you a variety of meals to choose from. All of these can be switched up and interchanged at any time for the month.

This allows you to eat a variety of food, and using the guides you can easily substitute in other foods to try new things or incorporate new recipes. The possibilities with the resources we provide are endless. By eating the foods you like, and being able to change out foods for variety, we make it easy to stay on the plan and enjoy it! If you are eating the foods you love, it won’t even feel like you’re on the traditional dreaded "diet."

I don’t have a huge budget, can I still use this meal plan?

Yes! You can follow this meal plan on any budget. There are so many options for affordable foods at your market, don’t be fooled by people telling you eating healthy is expensive. Options like organic canned goods, frozen vegetables and staples like rice and potatoes are affordable and fit into any budget. Plus, with the meal plan, seeing every meal helps you see exactly what you need prevents overbuying, and will save you from buying too much and help you save money. Plus, in our Supplemental Guide we provide tips on bulk shopping and cooking options that can save you money.

What age do I have to be in order to purchase a custom meal plan?

You must be 18 years or older.

I am on a tight schedule and can’t cook everyday. Will this still work for me?

Yes! We come across people who don’t have two hours a day to cook all of their meals. We are some of those people! The beauty of meal planning is that you can bulk cook 2 times a week and do very little prepping in between to have your meals ready to go. Tupperware and good planning can save you time and keep you on track. And if you are ever on the run, we have a section of the guide to help you survive popular restaurants and still stay on track with your meal plan.

Is this meal plan available to people anywhere in the world?

Of Course! We create meal plans for people in hundreds of different countries all over the world. We make the meal plan so that you can use spices and seasonings from your part of the world and make it fit into your individual taste.

This seems like a lot of money. What makes it worth it?

This meal plan works! It is not just a few recipes to help you maybe lose some weight. Our meal plans help get you out of the vicious cycle of broken diets and bad advice. You get to rest easy knowing we do all of the hard work of figuring out what your specific needs are to be successful. We create this meal plan especially for you, and we have helped over 25,000 people with goals like yours be successful. We have helped people lose weight, gain muscle and improve their health. And we will do that for you too. Plus, we give you the tools to not only get started, but to continue being successful from here on out. The resources educate you so you can get the most out ofthis meal plan.

What happens if I have problems with my meal plan?

With this service, we stand behind the work we do and will make sure that you are satisfied with the plan. Setting you up for success is our priority. We have a big team to help you get started and using the 48 hours of immediate support, you can be assured that we can provide you with the assets you need to be successful on your meal plan.

How do I contact customer service?

You can reach me or someone on my team anytime by emailing [email protected]