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Let me ask you a question

How much do you spend on magazine subscriptions every month?

You know the kind - they have a ripped guy or girl on the front, and promise you the world.

  • Six-Pack Abs In 6 Weeks
  • Brand New Bikini In A Month
  • The "Secret" to Getting in Your Best Shape Ever

And how often do you achieve this?

Answer: You don’t.

You flick open the cover, and (once you’ve waded through page after page of adverts for expensive perfumes and shirts that cost more than your mortgage) you’re left with that familiar feeling of disappointment ..

The same workout plans
The same diets
The same recipes

And A Host Of Other Useless Information That Doesn’t Even Fit Your Lifestyle.

And what about that gym membership?

The one you promised yourself that this time, you would absolutely, 100%, definitely use. Yet the card sits there in your wallet, unloved and all the time, draining your finances.

THAT is how much money you’re wasting every single month on just these 2 items. That’s the average price of a gym membership ($58) and 2 fitness magazines at $4.99 each.

That’s a lot of money.

a LOT of money for no results.

What about, if instead of your glossy, ad-filled magazines and your gym that you “could” use, you invested a little more wisely?

Made a smarter choice.

Took action, and grabbed something that promised to deliver results?

We’re talking...

  • A new workout for every day of the month.
  • A program that constantly changes so you never hit a plateau.
  • 150+ Recipes designed for YOU.
  • A private member’s forum that gives you up-to-the-minute access to thousands of other fitness enthusiasts from all around the world.
  • And, one-on-one advice from one of the world’s most sought-after trainers.

Michael Morelli Jr.

As a leading expert in all things health, fitness and nutrition, Michael Morelli Jr. realised he needed to reach a wider audience.

Enter Michael …

“People just like you are wasting YOUR hard-earned cash on workout programs, diet plans, DVDs and gym memberships, that won’t ever get you the results you crave”.

And this is where I come in.

Having helped over 70,000 with my online coaching programs, I knew that there was scope to help even more people.

And that’s what I’m doing here.

here’s what you get …

  • 30 Days Worth Of Workouts That Change Every Month
  • Access To Workouts From Some Of My Most Successful Programs; Six-Pack Finishers & MFIT 90.
  • 350 Step-By-Step Exercise Videos That You Can Enjoy On Your Phone While You Workout
  • Videos On Science Backed Training Philosophies
  • Complete Guides To Train From Anywhere
  • 150+ Recipes That Are Not Only Delicious And Easy To Make, But Guarantee To Torch Stubborn Body Fat
  • 15 New Lean Recipes Every Month
  • Videos On Cutting Edge Nutrition Methods
  • Complete Guides On Nutrition And Diet
  • A Forum That Updates Every Single Second, So You Can Motivate Fellow Fitness Enthusiasts, Share Tips And Success Stories With Like Minded People All Over The World.
  • Every Month You’ll Get 15 New Energizing Mixes By FitBeatz Guaranteed To Get Your Heart Pumping!
  • Nutriton & Training Webinars
  • LIVE Q&A’s
  • Exclusive Content ONLY Available To Monthly Members

Above all, this delivers the accountability, and the EXACT methods needed to take your results to the next level

All for the cost of your gym membership and magazine subscriptions.


  • 30 New Workouts
  • 15 New Lean Recipes
  • 15 New Energizing Mixes By FitBeatz
  • Forum Access

Would usually cost you $49 when compared to other leading fitness websites.

Add to that

  • The Training Programs Thousands Of People Have Already Paid For
  • Access To Live Webinars & Q&A’s
  • A First Look At Blogs, Videos, And All Of The Latest Nutrition And Training Info From Morellifit HQ

And you’re looking at a further $37 per month.

That’s a good deal at $86 per month.

It’s less than $20 more than many folks spend currently.

But to me … That’s not good enough.

Cost should NEVER be a barrier to your success.

In today’s world, too many people put off getting leaner, fitter and happier by things costing too much.

See How HIITMax ELITE Works - LIVE!

And I NEVER want that to be the case, which is why …

I’m Slashing The Price!

And giving you all this for just

  • 30 Days Worth Of “New" Workouts Every Month
  • 150+ Recipes PLUS 15 New Lean Recipes Every Month
  • 15 New Energizing Mixes By FitBeatz Every Month
  • The Private Forum
  • The Exclusive Content
  • Constantly Progressing Plans So Your Body Never Adapts

For $19.97