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🚨  Please Note: On Aug 28th we opened a new web store. Please use the Buttons below to sign in to the correct account 🚨

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Please note: this is only to view past orders and past auto-ship. This account will not work on the new site, you will have to set up a new account by clicking the blue register button above:



Due to our new, improved auto-shipping system going into place:

⚠ Please Read Carefully ⚠

If you are looking to make changes to your past auto-ship orders we recommend you sign in using the grey button on this page. From there cancel your auto-ship items and then to reset your auto-ship products on the new system sign in with the red button OR the blue if you have not created an account on our new system.

Auto-ship orders that are set up on the old system will not be transferred to the new system.

If you do not move your auto-ship orders at this time nothing will happen to them and they will continue to process as normal.

However we will not be adding any future products to the old system so if you stay on it, you won’t have to option to add them to your autos-ship on that account.

If you have questions or need assistance please email Hello@morellifit.com